As a therapist who specializes in trauma, I believe in our ability to heal from our past experiences, restore balance and well-being, and to experience ourselves as stronger, more resilient, and compassionate in the process. 

Therapy builds awareness around our internal landscape so we can come up with effective solutions to ease suffering. 

I will work with you to help you achieve your goals, whether you are looking for support after a traumatic event, during a stressful time, or want to change long-standing patterns. 


I am a licensed psychotherapist, and have practiced social work since 2007. My approach is collaborative, with an emphasis on promoting empowerment and competency. 


My background is in working with survivors of trauma and with the innate wisdom of the body to heal. I also work with those experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, and those struggling during life transitions.

Survivors of trauma experience overwhelming symptoms that can present challenges in everyday life. It has been a privilege to help my clients heal.


I incorporate the body-mind connection in my practice and utilize a variety of approaches to support each individual. 

Trauma-focused psychotherapy • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy • Child-Parent psychotherapy • Psychodynamic and insight oriented therapies  • Cognitive behavioral therapy • Stress-management • Relaxation and mindfulness

I offer a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about therapy, and about working with me.

Contact me to schedule a phone consultation or to book an appointment:
(917) 821-1187 •


A session lasts 45 minutes for individuals, and 60 minutes for children and their caregivers.

Sessions are typically scheduled once a week.

I also offer phone and video based therapy to meet your scheduling needs.


The rate for an individual session is $150, and $200 for family sessions. Reduced rates are available for those in financial need.


Most insurance covers therapy. As an out-of-network provider with most plans, I can give you documentation that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Questions to ask your insurance company



My office is easily accessible by the B, D, F, M, A, C, E, 6, N, R, and 1 trains.


Contact me to schedule a phone consultation, or to book an appointment.
(917) 821-1187 •